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Unfortunately, there are a great number of pugs needing homes and foster homes at the moment.

We have the most beautiful rescued girls ranging from 1 year to 4 years of age - both fawns and blacks. As soon as we receive these girls they are shampooed, conditioned, receive flea treatments, are wormed and desexed.

We then spend as much time as each individual girl needs in rehabilitation. We introduce them to grass, steps, living inside, beds, toys and being picked up. Many need to learn not to be frightened of a kiss or a hug, and how to relax and not go rigid with fear when they are picked up. Many of these rescues have been purchased from pet shops and left outside by themselves in a tiny courtyard, or they have lived in large sheds and used for breeding.

It is a true indication how resilient this amazing breed is, when after just a few short weeks of running in the huge Mornington Lodge gardens and paddocks, swimming in the dam, sleeping in a warm bed and having unlimited toys, attention and hugs - these pugs blend in with my own team and you couldn't tell the difference between the rescued pugs and the spoilt-rotten-all-their-lives pugs :))

Please see below the current girls who are up for adoption now, and below them we will shortly list the girls that are currently being rehabilitated and will be up for adoption later, or foster now.


Available now!

All Pugs are desexed prior to rehoming.

Please note that we always do home checks before releasing any Pugs for adoption,
and there is an adoption form to fill in at the bottom of the page.

Fiz is a gorgeous black girl with a long tongue. Beautiful in every way. At the top of the page she is modelling the Pug Rescue coat :)

Fiz has wormed her way into our hearts and is now staying at Mornington Lodge as our Rescue Pin-Up-Girl!

Olive has only one eye, and needed an active but special home where her one remaining eye would not be injured.

Olive has now found her forever home.

This is our beautiful "Reggie" ... she reminds everyone at Mornington Lodge of an old fashioned Italian landlady :)) She bustles around, makes everything her business and loves food!

Reggie has been desexed and has now found her forever home.

Olivia is a delight! She is funny, sweet, cheeky around the house, and having had a pretty rough start in life - seems to appreciate everything you do for her.

Olivia has been desexed and is staying at Mornington Lodge.

(14 week old desexed male pug baby) who is up for adoption. We are selling him on behalf of his breeder as she lives in the country. He is an absolute delight, full of fun and confidence. Used to dogs and children :)

(14 week old desexed male pug baby) who is up for adoption. We are selling him on behalf of his breeder as she lives in the country. He is an absolute delight, full of fun and confidence. Used to dogs and children :)

More Photos

Another photo of Fizz

Another photo of Olivia

More Photos of rescued Pugs



Both of these rescues above are now living with Rachel :))

Missy and Edward

Our rescue girl Missy ... she was emaciated and 7 weeks pregnant in this photo on the day she arrived at Mornington Lodge!


Missy with her "litter"

Two days after the above photo, having shown absolutely no signs of being ready to give birth, Missy had one tiny baby on the end of my bed at 4.15am.

She later gave birth to two mummified puppies who had been dead for quite some time - so it was a miracle that little Penelope had survived and was healthy.

Later that same day .. we received a call from Victorian Dog Rescue; could we help?? They had a situation with a 10 year old chihuahua who was full of puppies - she was dead, the puppies were all dead - and there was one little survivor, hours old.

The vet clinic brought him over - and there was Edward.
Missy was too emaciated to have any milk, so both Penelope and Edward were tube fed and bottle fed every two hours. Missy did a great job cleaning them however, and 'pretending' to feed them :) (Missy and Penelope have since gone to their new home together and now live with Andrew and Amy in Seaford. )

See Edwards Page > > >

Please fill in the Form below if you are interested in one of these pugs...



Thanks to the dedicated service provided by PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. Frankie was rescued from death’s door and nursed to good health. . Suffering from severe demodex mange, his eyelids were swollen almost shut. One eye perforated and the other suffered serious damage. Both required specialist surgery. The pain would have been unbearable.

Unfortunately, there are many more pugs in Victoria that are either in the process of being rescued or in temporary foster care. Whilst in care they receive both veterinary care and rehabilitation, for many after years of isolation or abuse. Each and every one of these pug are collected from the situation they are in by Pug Rescue. Cost of food, veterinary care, medication, and re-homing is only possible through donations.


By making a donation of as little $5 per week, you can help feed, medicate and re-home each and every rescue, both now and in the future.

Unfortunately we have to pay $500 for each entire female that we rescue - otherwise they are at risk of ending up on Trading Post, available for purchase by other puppy farmers or pet shops, hoping to breed further litters from them.

On top of the $500 purchase price, we are paying for desexing, rotten teeth removal and the treatment of skin and ear infections. The minimum cost of each pug is therefore approximately $700. Some pugs have even greater veterinary costs, as they have huge bladder stones caused by lack of water during their life in a shed.

Whilst there are homes out there who are perhaps looking to adopt an older pug - many are only able to pay half the costs - which leaves us short to buy/vet work more pugs in need.

Any donations that you can make are greatly appreciated, and go solely towards the purchase of pugs needing rescue.

Without your donations – there will not be anywhere for these pugs to go and treatment will not be possible.

We have our book keeper, Fiona, detailing all income and expenditure - which is available for viewing via email at any time upon request.

Many thanks -

Photos of present and past adoptees

Fiz and Olive at play
I have found that these three girls - who have had nothing ... no beds, toys, grassy areas to play on or human companionship - are very grateful for everything they get, and simply do not seem to know how to demand anything like normal dogs.

Donna is VERY friendly, very outgoing - loves children. She loves the water, and will dive into her drinking bowl if the weather gets too hot.

Olive and Donna enjoying a toy each

Fiz having a great roll in the freshly cut
paddock grass this afternoon

Olive is just so cute!

Beatrix being fished out of the dam (she didn't know what water was!) by Chris the gardner
Beatrix and Bridget having a first run on the grass, ever!

The Raevon pugs are fantastic with newly rescued pugs - and accept them as part of the family immediately
Little, terrified Billie (on the right) coming out of her shell to play with Charlotte - who makes everyone feel at home very quickly

We took these two girls for their first ever walk out in the Mornington Lodge paddocks last night and this morning - they couldn't believe it!
Bridget and Billie (behind her) - both rescued on Saturday

Some of the girls waiting to be rehabilitated enjoying their first ever chew treat. It took me 15 minutes to convince them that it was okay to take it from me, and that it was actually for them to enjoy.

Pug Rescue Ambassador 'Fiz' wins Best Rescue at the Pug Club of Victoria show yesterday. Pictured with judge Sue Charleson at Dogs Big Day Out at the Park.

The Pug Club of Victoria have been a huge support for pug rescue .. pictured is the Club President Dale Taylor, Fiz and the founder of Oscar's Law - Debra Tranter.

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