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Unfortunately, pugs have become very popular through movies and programmes like Burkes’ Back Yard.

Puppy farmers and pet shops have jumped on the lucrative cash wagon, and sell pugs online, through pet shops and on the side of the road out of their vehicles.

New owners are NOT allowed to view where the puppies are born and raised, as most of these backyard breeders and puppy farmers keep between 100 to 400 dogs hidden in sheds throughout rural Victoria.

There are currently 130 puppy farms in Victoria. Most do NOT comply with the Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing establishments.

Through tip offs from the public and lots of hunting around, footage has been taken of some of these establishments – many of which have been passed by Council inspections.

Pugs S.O.S. take all the surrendered pugs that the public do not want, also from pounds and puppy farms. We desex them, remove rotting teeth, treat chronic eye conditions, rehabilitate them and adopt them to beautiful families.

Many of the pugs we get from puppy farms have never, ever, walked on grass. We have to introduce them to steps, coming inside a house, how to eat out of a bowl and relax enough not to want to drink all the water in their dish as they fear no more is coming for the rest of the day.

Pugs S.O.S. funds all the veterinary work for these rescues – donations, understanding and suitable foster homes and fantastic permanent homes are needed urgently.

We currently have nearly 40 pugs in rescue and foster homes

Please contact Belinda: 0414 659 781

On puppy farms pugs are kept in these overcrowded crates for as many years as they can produce puppies.   Many dogs slowly go insane from the noise, inability to ever move properly and boredom

Pug puppy found at a puppy farm with an untreated eye that had perforated

A pet shop called us to surrender their 8 year old girl. Both her eyes had been removed. As we were on our way to collect her, they called and cancelled the surrender as she had come into season and they wanted to keep breeding her.

A six month old pug puppy that was rescued, he had severe untreated mange.

He was nearly blind as both eyes had ulcerated

These pugs were kept in dark sheds in appalling conditions with no veterinary treatment

They are found with severely deformed and ulcerated feet from wire cage floors

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