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The story surrounding our very special new arrival!

Early in 2011, I started writing a submission recommending the Government address the issue of puppy farm sales, and the inability to trace puppies sold through pet shops or online back to a breeder. This meant many operators were able to house 100’s of dogs in well hidden sheds deep in the country, often in appalling conditions, with no annual Council inspections by Animal Management Officers. Legislation only required Domestic Animal Businesses to microchip puppies prior to sale, yet most puppy farmers said they were not making any profit – so were exempt from microchipping requirements and as such, remained virtually invisible.

Whilst I was in the midst of my submission, my beautiful mare met with the gorgeous Falabella stallion, Littleton Ebony Prince belonging to Steve and Artemis Rault .. and my baby girl began.

The Falabella stallion, Littleton Ebony Prince (29 years young) meets Littleton Esperanza!
Ebony is owned by Steve and Artemis Rault

December 6th 2011
On this incredible day, Government met in Parliament (after having removing the words ‘not for profit’ from the Domestic Animals Act – which meant anyone selling a puppy must microchip it by 8 weeks of age or prior to sale!) and in addition passed a Bill requiring all puppies advertised for sale to have their microchip number alongside their details!

This effectively makes ALL puppies traceable back to their breeder – whether it is Mrs Jones having a litter because the “children should experience it” or it is a puppy farmer with 400 dogs in a shed in Gippsland. Traceable puppies means every single puppy farmer and backyard breeder are now able to be found – and the lives of adult dogs living in horrific conditions will be changed forever.

On this momentous day when the Bill was passed … surrounded by warm sunshine in the shady green nursery paddock at Mornington Lodge – a perfectly made little black filly was born.

Of course she had to be named


… and of course her show name had to be

Mission Accomplished’ !

Esperanza and her new foal
Raevon Mission Accomplished

Born December 6th, 2012

Esperanza is a Palamino Pinto and her foal is black

"It's tiring being so beautiful"

Big stretch ....

Quick hello to mum

Before getting down to business

The Falabella Stallion Littleton Ebony Prince, sire of the new foal!

Billie's new best friend William :)

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